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Working with the highest quality roofing contractors in Grosse Pointe is essential for a properly installed roof. There are multiple options to select from, making it easy to find the best roof for your commercial property.

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Our goal is to provide every client with the best professional service so that he/she is satisfied. With our many years of experience, we guarantee the quality of our services. We have licensed and qualified roofing contractors who will take professional care of your roof. Our expert team of roofers specializes in installing commercial roofing for your commercial property. 

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Types of commercial roofing systems we install

There are various types of commercial roofs that can be installed by our roofers for your business or property. There are several factors to consider when discussing commercial roofing such as value, durability, longevity and price with your Grosse Pointe Mi roofer.  

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is light in weight and one of the oldest types of commercial roofing available. It is typically made out of steel, however you can use other metals. Due to its lightweight nature, your roofing contractors can install metal roofing directly on top of the existing roof. And once they install the roof, coating can be added in order to protect the roofing against water, UV rays and rust. There are many advantages to metal roofing. It is very durable and able to withstand the elements such as high winds or snow. And metal roofing is extremely energy-efficient because it is made from minimum 25% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable when you’re ready to replace it.

Shingle Roofing

While shingle roofing is most commonly installed as a residential roofing option, it can be a good choice to install for commercial properties with a steep slope. Shingles can be made from a variety of materials including wood, metal, slate ceramic, asphalt and plastic. There are two types of popular shingle roofs: asphalt and architectural. Asphalt shingles are the most common type to install as they are cost-effective. Architectural shingles are multi-layered and more durable. A benefit of shingle roofing is many shingles are class 4 hail rated. Its the most durable roofing option available to install and will resist tearing and cracking under pressure from hail, heavy rains or heavy winds. It is simple for roofers to detect and repair areas of damage on shingles.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing

This type of roofing is eco-friendly and ideal to install for commercial, manufacturing and industrial facilities. This type of roofing is referred to as “SPF.” The material is sprayed as a liquid and is allowed to expand into a foam. This creates a solid layer over the existing roof. There are many features of SPF roofing including the longevity. Which can last over 40 years when you have your Grosse Pointe, Mi roofing contractors properly install and maintain it. Also the solid surface is continuous, without seams/ joints. This reduces the risk of leaks.

Built Up roofing (Tar & Gravel)

Built up roofing has been used for decades. This type of roof is known as a “tar & gravel” roof. This roof alternates layers of asphalt/ tar and other materials. The final layer uses gravel or stone. This roof provides protection against UV rays. And also protects from the elements with a water-proof barrier. These roofing systems are durable and resistant from high winds and fire. After initial installation, this roof is low maintenance.

Single Ply membrane roofing (tPO)

This type of roofing uses sheets of rubber/ other synthetics that create a layer of protection. There are many features of TPO roofing including its Class A Fire Rating. Fire retardant chemicals are added during manufacturing process. TPO roofing is usually white but can come in other colors such as tan, grey, green, blue, and red. and TPO roofing is very reflective. That keeps the commercial property cool during the hot times. It’s easy to install without the complexities of some of the other roofing systems.

How Long Do Commercial Roofs Last?

The longevity of your commercial roofing depends on a number of things. The maintenance and repairs play a important role. But the materials used, the design and how well your roofing company installed your commercial roofing.  However, as a general rule, when your Grosse Pointe Mi roofer properly installs and maintains your commercial roofing, they tend to last ranging between 15-40 years.

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