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A flat roof is a type of roof that has an almost level surface. A flat roof may be made from a variety of materials, including tar and gravel, concrete, shingles, or clay tiles. Flat roofs are often seen on commercial buildings such as warehouses and factories because they hold up well to the harsh environment these buildings usually face. 

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Here at Pointe Roofing Pros, we know flat roofing is a popular choice for commercial roofing in Grosse Pointe because it is both easy to install and inexpensive. Flat roofing is a great option for those who may not be interested in regular maintenance. Flat roofing provides protection from the elements and saves energy. There are also other benefits to this type of roofing, such as being able to have an uncluttered look on top of your home that makes it easier to keep clean, which can extend its life. With so many benefits to choosing flat roofing, there’s no reason not to!

Grosse Pointe is a city with plenty of ways for property owners to maintain their flat roofs, but if you’re looking to replace your old flat roof, then it’s necessary to choose a company that’s reliable and experienced. Choosing the right company will be crucial in order to ensure that you have the best flat roof possible. Pointe Roofing Pros are experts in flat roofing and offer you a quality service that will last. We use only the best materials on your flat roof to repair or replace it. Our team is skilled, knowledgeable, and has over 10 years of experience. Our longevity ensures you a quality service backed by warranties and guarantees. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote!

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Different Types of Flat Roofing

1. Metal Flat Roofs

A metal flat roof is a roof that utilizes metal panels to cover up the roof surface. They are typically made from steel sheets and are used for many different reasons. Metal roofs are most often seen on commercial buildings, but they have also been used on homes. These types of roofs can be a great choice because they can last a long time without having to worry about maintenance and they provide good insulation, which helps reduce energy costs in the home.


EPDM roofing is made of a single layer of rubber. EPDM flat roofing is the most affordable and best type of roofing material because it is durable, flexible, and seamless. It has a long lifespan and can last up to 50 years in some cases. The material provides excellent protection from fire and water damage for your building.

3. Built-Up Flat Roofs

A built-up flat roof is a type of roof that consists of two layers. The first layer is called the wear course and the second layer is called the waterproof membrane. The membrane should have a slope of 1:8 on both sides to prevent water from pooling in those areas. Additional protection can be provided by installing a membrane that has been specifically designed for high wind loads or ice damming conditions.

4. Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen flat roofs are popular in areas with hot climates, because they do not attract heat as much as other types of roofs. The main advantages of modified bitumen flat roofs are that they are able to withstand heavy rainfall events without leaking, can be installed in harsh weather conditions, and resist damage from ultraviolet rays. The disadvantages lie in their high cost of installation and labor for repairs or replacements.

5. PVC

PVC flat roofs are made from polyvinyl chloride, which is the most commonly used plastic in construction. The main benefit of a PVC flat roof is its versatility. It can be installed on almost any surface and fastens to the substrate with screws or nails which fit flush against the underlayment for an attractive seamless installation.

6. TPO

TPO flat roofs are a type of roofing system that is popular in commercial and industrial buildings. They are made with a TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane, which is an air-tight material that has the capability to withstand large amounts of weight. This type of roofing system is extremely durable, being able to sustain heavy rainstorms and other types of inclement weather, as well as allow for easy repairs to any damage done from natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornadoes.

Benefits of Choosing Flat Roofing

A flat roof is an attractive option in comparison to other roofing materials. In addition, it can be a cost-effective solution for property owners. There are many benefits to installing a flat roof including the following:

  • Flat roofs can go on top of any type of surface and are easy to install.
  • Flat roofs do not leak as easily as other types of roofs because they are dead air space and less likely to let water pool up.
  • A flat roof is generally more affordable than other types of roofs such as slanted or peaked rooftops.
  • Flat roofs also provide excellent insulation because they do not have any features such as vents or chimneys that create gaps where heat and cold can escape into your home’s interior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Flat Roofing question? We have the answer. 

Is flat roof high maintenance?

While flat roofs are traditionally low maintenance, these roofs require a lot of care and maintenance over time to keep them in good condition. Over time, a number of factors can cause damage to the roof and impede its performance.

Can you walk on flat roof?

It’s really not recommended to walk on a flat roof, even if it is covered in shingles. The shingles can wear and tear with the weight of someone walking on them, which can cause water leaks to occur. If you need to access your roof for any reason, be sure that it is structurally sound enough for you to do so.

Are flat roofs waterproof?

Flat roofs are designed to replace sloped roofs and provide an even surface. Generally, they are waterproof because they lack all sorts of nooks and crannies that can allow rainwater to seep through.

Are flat roofs good for wind?

Flat roofs are great for wind because they allow a lot of air to pass through. This means that the roof is less likely to be damaged by strong winds.  

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