Roofing Maintenance & Inspection

If you want a high-quality commercial roof, you must maintain it. Because it is particularly vulnerable to poor weather, winds, and sun, it must be inspected, repaired, and maintained on a regular basis. If you want to be sure your roof receives regular inspections and is maintained on a consistent basis, contact our roofing contractors in Grosse Pointe.

Roofing Maintenance & Inspection Contractors in Grosse Pointe Mi

If you are a building manager or owner in Grosse Pointe, you are surely aware of how much labor goes into building maintenance, but you may not have given much attention to the roof. It is critical to inspect the roof on a regular basis to maintain your building safe and secure all year. Pointe Roofing Pros knows a leaking roof will cause damage to other rooms within the asset, costing you money, worry, and time. It is preferable to employ a commercial roofing company in Grosse Pointe, Mi for maintenance if you want to prevent the chance of worse problems, such as the necessity for a new roof installation.

Maintenance is the most effective strategy to extend the life of any roof. Our organization provides two or more inspections every year. We tailor a maintenance program to your building’s condition, location, and weather exposure to give you peace of mind and extend the life of your commercial roof.

When you entrust your commercial roofing or industrial roofing to Pointe Roofing Pros, you are putting your commercial or industrial roof in the most capable hands in Grosse Pointe. We will help you pick the optimal maintenance plan after we have evaluated your roofing system. We will demonstrate why Pointe Roofing is the business roofing company you can rely on. Call us right away!

Qualified Commercial Roofers in Grosse Pointe

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Commercial Roofing Inspections in Grosse Pointe Mi

You may be concerned about the state of your roof. A building you are unfamiliar with may have underlying roofing problems. If these are detected, they can be addressed immediately. We may also discover that your roof is in good functional shape and can estimate the longevity of your present roof. Most importantly, we can assist you in obtaining answers.

The majority of our roof inspections are for property owners who have recently purchased or plan to purchase a commercial building. Do not accept a general building inspector. If you have any questions about the roof, please contact us. On a regular basis, we deal with commercial roofing. We know what to look for and how to spot an issue. Hiring Pointe Roofing Pros will provide you with confidence in your building acquisition. Call us right away!

Visual inspections, pictures, and documentation of the roofing system are all part of preventative maintenance inspections. Because leaks are more likely in these areas, our roofers give special care to the pitch pans, metal edging, and flashings. We strive to be professional from start to finish, leaving your roof gleaming and fantastic for many years to come. When our roofing professionals arrive at your location, they will undertake the following:

  • Visual inspection of every part of the roof
  • Detailed checking for gutters, drains, scuppers, flashings, terminations
  •  Debris removal
  •  Maintenance to prevent further damages
  •  Roofing and gutter cleaning
  • Searching for any defects
  •  Checking if any repair is required

Commercial Roofing Maintenance in Grosse Pointe Mi

Take your commercial roof seriously. Failure to properly maintenance and care for your roof could result in costly unplanned downtime for your business. Pointe Roofing Pros is the team to call when you need roof maintenance work done. 

We specialized in commercial roof maintenance for over 10 years and can service EPDM, metal, modified bitumen, and PVC roofing systems. Continue reading to find out more about roof maintenance and what we can do for you, or contact us today to set up a free roof inspection.

Pointe Roofing Pros gets calls from several property owners in Grosse Pointe. As the situation deteriorates, the roof begins to leak, destroying a major amount of their property. As a result, our roofers are the best option for your money. So, consider the following advantages of proper maintenance:

  • Regular maintenance can decrease liability
  • Save you money by detecting small issues before they become costly ones
  • Regular maintenance will extend the life of your roofing system
  •  Less invasive than repair or replacement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an inspection or maintenance question? We have the answer. 

How often do you maintain a roof?

Roof maintenance is imperative for the life of a roof, and does not need to be scheduled according to the number of years since the roof was last replaced. It is recommended that a homeowner inspect their roof on an annual basis and perform any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Why is it important to maintain your roof?

It is important to maintain your roof because it can keep your home protected from leaks and other disasters. It is also important to keep the exterior of your property looking nice and even manageable.

What is the importance of roof inspection?

A roof inspection is important because it helps you to find out any problems and potential risks before they become worse. It also gives you a chance to plan for the future and prepare. 

At what age is a roof considered old?

A roof is considered old when it has exceeded its expected lifespan. Common age ranges for a roof’s lifespan are 20 to 30 years, so if your roof is older than this it may be time for a replacement. 

How To Get A Quote For Maintenance or Inspection

Getting a roofing quote for your commercial property is the next step in ensuring that your roof is fixed with care, integrity, and experience. We provide our customers with timely, complete estimates at competitive rates. Simply fill out the form on our website or call us simply. One of our dedicated staff members will gladly provide you with a quote.

Our Testimonials

Get the unbiased truth from real customers.

Alexis Bertrand
Alexis Bertrand
I had seen Pointe Roofing put roofs on homes in the St. Clair Shores area. This was the only company I saw that worked well enough for me. I have been in the business of selling new homes for 20 years. Jonah was on time for the first time we met, and he answered all of my questions. The crew showed up when they were supposed to. For the tear-off, they covered the ground and bushes with tarps. They did a great job picking up the mess. I wouldn't think twice about calling Jonah to fix the roof of another house. I'm very happy with this business.
Collin Gregory
Collin Gregory
We recently bought a house in Eastpointe, Michigan. We got in touch with Pointe Roofing because they had such great reviews. We were not the least bit upset. We called Jonah and told him we wanted the whole roof torn off and a new one put on. They went out right away and gave me a full price for the job over the phone. It was $2,500 below what another company had told me. They set up the project and continued to keep us up to date on how it was going. The whole job was done in one day for the exact price that was quoted. We want to thank Pointe Roofing for being professional, doing good work, and keeping us informed as the job went on. We'd give ten stars if we could. If I need to, I will certainly them again. Thank you so much!
Eugène Brousseau
Eugène Brousseau
I had the pleasure of working with Pointe Roofing Pros. They replaced my worn-out roof and did an excellent job. All of the workers were courteous, and the job was completed on time and in good condition. If you live near me in Grosse Pointe Farms, Park, Woods, or City and need roof work done, I highly recommend them!
Roger Jacquet
Roger Jacquet
Grosse Pointe Park's best roofing company! 5 stars, I would recommend them to anyone, and they are run by a family. Great team both in and out of the office. Was amazed by how well the crew worked together. The crew was a big group of people who all knew their jobs and worked well together. I liked everything about this company.
Melissa Jennings
Melissa Jennings
Pointe Roofing Pros' reviews are very high and they deserve the five-star rating they have been given. The company is a great investment for any homeowner because it will keep your house in good condition. Customers can expect to receive excellent customer service from them, as well as quality work at a fair price.
Erika Fowler
Erika Fowler
Last fall, Roofing Contractors in Grosse Pointe placed commercial gutters on my property, and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. They were quick to respond, and the team arrived on time and completed the task in less than a day. The pricing was reasonable, and he returned to remedy a minor issue at no charge. I would highly suggest them for any house job!
Vanessa alina
Vanessa alina
Over the years, Pointe Roofing Pros has installed metal and asphalt shingle roofs on my two houses. Rain gutters and downspouts have also been fitted. They've done an excellent job, and I'm quite pleased with the results. They come highly recommended by me.
Gloria Knight
Gloria Knight
Roofing contractors in Grosse Pointe did a fantastic job. The dismantling of the installation was flawless. We were able to contact the Project Manager with any questions we had. Thank you so much for everything. The salesperson did a fantastic job. I would recommend them to anyone in Grosse Pointe who needs roof repair or replacement.
Annie Brownlee
Annie Brownlee
I want to thank Pointe Roofing Pros for a job well done. They replaced my roof and fixed some damaged boards on the side of my house. I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out; they did such a great job! They came out not too long after I called for an estimate and got started on it right away, which was fantastic because of all of the rain we've been getting lately. The quality of the workmanship is evident in every square inch and really makes my house look new again, so thank you so much! I wanted to take this opportunity to tell everyone about how amazing they were during our project. They were very professional from start to finish - they knew what they were doing and had me up and running with a new roof in no time at all! If you need your old one repaired or replaced, these are the guys you want working on it - they're affordable, knowledgeable, punctual, friendly... everything you could ask for in a contractor in Grosse Pointe!
Kyle Schultz
Kyle Schultz
"My home's new roof and skylights were installed by Grosse Pointe Roofing contractors, who performed a great job. I had contacted two other companies, but neither of them delivered the level of customer service that they did. The foreman of the crew offered photos and updates on the work that was being done. In a day and a half, the entire project was completed. My new skylights and roof look fantastic. This team's professionalism pleased me greatly, and I will suggest their roofing firm to everyone."

Our Working Process



We perform a free inspection to assess the damage to the roof of your home or office.



Based on the roof inspection, we will consult with you the best plan of action.



After consulting with you, our contractors provide you with a quote for the work needed.



In agreement with you, we will start the work on your roof. Our contractors are licensed.

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