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GROSSE POINTE WOODS — The cost of a health clinic at Grosse Pointe North High School, which administrators estimated would be $700,00, has now risen to over $915,700. Documents from the Facilities Committee meeting of the Grosse Pointe Public School System on Monday, December 5 indicate the new construction cost will be $663,418 and the management and contingency cost would be $252,343. November’s regular board meetings in Grosse Pointe North centered on the $700.000 price tag. This number appears twice on a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page regarding the project that the district placed on its website. Trustee Lisa Papas, who also serves on the Facilities Committee, remarked, “I was astounded to learn that the price had already risen by $215,000.” Since the beginning of our endeavor, one of the biggest challenges has been that we did not follow the regular methods and procedures we’ve utilized on prior projects. On November 28th, only Papas and Trustee Ahmed Ismail voted against the clinic at the Grosse Pointe North board meeting. Members Joe Herd, Colleen Worden, Chris Lee, Margaret Weertz, and David Brumbaugh voted in favor. “I believe that should invalidate the vote,” said Papas of the new expense information. Superintendent Jon Dean stated that the cost discrepancy is the difference between estimates and firm bids. “Turner Construction provided us with a design and development estimate in August, estimating that the project would cost around $700,000,” he stated. “When they examined all of the hard costs and obtained bids (from subcontractors), the project came in over budget,” Dean stated that the district began soliciting bids on November 1, prior to the project’s approval, and Turner received proposals from subcontractors on November 11. The district received information from Turner on December 5. The board approved an intergovernmental agreement with Corewell Health, formerly Beaumont Health, on November 28 to construct the clinic using sinking fund funds. The proposed location is an underutilized scientific laboratory. The funds will be spent on sanitary sewage renovations, five new sinks, two new restrooms, and a self-contained HVAC system, all of which are mandated by state law for a school-based clinic. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services will fund the operation of the clinic by Corewell Health. It maintains sixteen such clinics in other districts at present. The clinic, which is open to children and adults from Grosse Pointe and Harper Woods, will have a security system that involves buzzing in from the outside and a vestibule that needs North students to buzz in and out of the clinic from the school. “We’ve been informed that $8 million in parking lot repairs are necessary, and North is the worst,” stated Papas. “And the roof leaks in Grosse Pointe North. Students can always obtain an asthma medication from the clinic if this situation develops to mold.” Several concerns were voiced at the last board meeting, and members of the public urged the board to explore the problem in greater detail, pointing out that the November 14 board meeting was the first full presentation of the plan. Will Broman, who ran for school board last month, pointed out in an open letter to the district various anomalies in Corewell’s application to the state, including enrollment counts that do not match district numbers and the omission of all other clinics and doctors in the Pointes.

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