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When your residential roof requires maintenance, you should address the issue as quickly as possible. If not, the roof will deteriorate further, causing further structural problems. The best option to fix your home’s roof is to hire a professional roofing contractor to do the work for you. Most homeowners wait until an issue with their roof deteriorates before taking action.

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Do you need a residential roofing company in Grosse Pointe to help you with repairs? Is it necessary to replace your entire roof? If this is the case, our residential roofing company, Pointe Roofing Pros is the best match for you. We have over ten years of experience serving clients with roof repair in Grosse Pointe, installations, and replacements at Pointe Roofing Pros. We are knowledgeable in all elements of roofing and work efficiently to ensure that the job is completed on schedule.

 Residential roofs, like other forms of roofing, can be damaged by falling trees, wildlife, and ultraviolet radiation from the sun. All of the aforementioned factors can lead to a variety of roofing concerns, ranging from water seepage to a completely damaged frame, which, if not repaired swiftly, may cause the majority of your belongings to become soaked the next time it rains. Even if you wish to avoid roof problems, Pointe Roofing Pros will make repairing your home’s roof simple.

Pointe Roofing Pros, the leading residential roofing business in Grosse Pointe, provides a wide range of residential roofing services to all of the residents of Grosse Pointe MI. In addition, if necessary, we will work directly with your insurance provider to repair or replace your roof so that you spend as little out of pocket as possible. Call us today to arrange a free quote!

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Residential Roofing Services We Offer in Grosse Pointe Mi

Roof Repair

The roof is always exposed to the elements, making it constantly susceptible to various forms of wear and tear. Most homeowners do not consider their roofs unless there is an issue. Wind, water, snow, and even fire can cause havoc on your roof, making roof repairs necessary. We are here to assist you by offering a variety of roof repair services for the exterior of your building. Pointe Roofing Pros provides a wide range of roof repair services, including:

Roof Replacement

Whether you need to update an outdated ventilation system or your old shingles are showing signs of major wear, it may be time for a roof replacement. Water leaks through your ceiling, damaged shingles, or any evidence of poor craftsmanship are common indicators that you may require a roof repair. If you notice any of these indications, don’t hesitate to contact a reliable roofing company like Pointe Roofing Pros to learn about our replacement choices.

Roof Inspections

Even with the best materials and roofers completing the installation, storms and aging cause wear and tear on even the most durable roofs. That is why it is vital to have your roof inspected on a regular basis to verify that it is functioning properly. Roof inspections are performed by skilled roofing experts that understand what to look for while inspecting roofs. There’s a chance you won’t notice a problem with your roof unless a skilled specialist inspects it.


When it comes to house improvement, most homeowners pay little to no attention to the gutters. However, this does not mean that frequent maintenance is not required, especially after snowfalls. If gutters are not properly and timely maintained, collected leaves, twigs, and other sediments can permanently damage them. If your gutters are leaking or eroding, contact a reputable company such as Pointe Roofing Pros for gutter replacement or installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an Residential Roofing question? We have the answer. 

What is the best type of residential roof?

The best type of residential roof is a flat roof. Flat roofs are the easiest type of residential roof to construct and require the least amount of maintenance. They also do not usually leak or allow debris to accumulate on them that can cause damage.

Should I replace my roof before I list my home?

It depends. If your roof is in poor condition and it will negatively impact the value of your home, then replacing it before listing it might be a good idea. However, if your roof is in good condition and a buyer won’t require it to be replaced, then it might not be necessary to replace it before listing.

What is the cheapest roofing for a house?

The cheapest roofing option for a house is typically asphalt shingles. They are an economical choice with a wide variety of colors and styles available, making them suitable for many homes. Other budget-friendly options include metal roofs made of steel or aluminum.

Can I do the roof repair work myself?

Yes, you can do roof repair work yourself if you have the proper tools, experience, and knowledge to safely complete the task. However, if you are unsure of your abilities or if the repair is extensive, it is recommended to hire a professional roofer to ensure the job is done correctly and to avoid further damage or injury.

How To Get A Residential Roof Quote

Getting a roofing quote for your residential property is the next step in ensuring that your roof is fixed with care, integrity, and experience. We provide our customers with timely, complete estimates at competitive rates. Simply fill out the form on our website or call us. One of our dedicated staff members will gladly provide you with a quote.

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