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Your roof is a valuable investment. We understand this better than anyone. This is why we take roof repairs seriously, providing prompt emergency repair services to our Grosse Pointe Mi customers. You never have to leave a damaged roof untreated, we will repair your roof with expertise, care and precision. This is our premier guarantee.

The Importance of Roof Repair

grosse pointe mi roof repair roofersRepairs on your roof are essential for optimal function. The National Roofing Contractors Association, also known as the NRCA, recommends repair/ maintenance bi-annually (twice a year). It is especially important for you to complete repairs before or after severe weather conditions. Repairing is important for maintaining and protecting the roof on your Grosse Pointe home, regardless of which type. There are various types of roof repair inducing fascia replacement and shingle replacement.

Emergency Roof Repair in Grosse Pointe, MI

Our roofers complete emergency roof repair quickly and effectively. We understand emergency repairs are unexpected and we are here for our you. We believe they come first, especially in these situations. There are a few types of scenarios that would be deemed an emergency for your roof. These include metal panels or shingles torn off from high winds. Underlying substrate damage may be present as well. Or a tree or tree limbs fall on roof, causing the roof to be punctured. A direct lighting strike, including serious damage and/or burn marks.

In these types of situations, it is best to ensure everyone in the home is safe first. You should never risk your safety in an attempt to save your roof. When you have secured your loved ones, you should then contact your Grosse Pointe, Mi roofers immediately.

Selecting The Best Roof repair company in grosse pointe, mi

  • Our roofing company strives to listen to the wishes of our clients and find the best solution for each repair. We provide free consulting services where we will listen to your needs and in agreement with you to find the ideal solution for the repair of your roof;
  • We first perform a free roofing inspection to assess the damage to your office building. Based on the roof inspection, our contractors provide a detailed cost estimate and, in agreement with you, start repair on your property. Our roofing contractors are highly trained because we know that it is necessary for a thorough and professional service;
  • We also offer preventive roof maintenance to save both your time and money. Preventive roof maintenance reduces the costs that could be huge if you neglected maintenance and needed a repair . We adapt to your needs and wishes, call us and schedule a free inspection of your roof;
  • Our company is accurate, reliable, and committed to what we do. We provide a guarantee for repair on your business or property

How to Get a Roofing Quote

Getting a roofing quote is the next step for ensuring your roof is repaired with care, integrity and experience. We offer our customers quick, comprehensive quotes with competitive rates. Simply fill out the forms on our website or contact us via phone. One of our dedicated team members will be glad to assist with a quote. 

We Provide The best Residential roof repair in grosse pointe mi

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