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Tile roofing is a popular option for those who are looking to add curb appeal and value to their home. Tile roofing can be installed on any type of home, including a single-family residence, duplex, triplex, or apartment building.

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The Grosse Pointe area is an affluent region of the country and homeowners in this area are looking for a roof that will stand the test of time. This is why tile roofing is popular among residential roofing in Grosse Pointe. Tile roofs have a long life span and are sustainable, meaning they are environmentally friendly. There’s also the added benefit of being waterproof and heat resistant, which can be especially useful in regions like Michigan where it gets hot during summertime. Tile roofs may not be as trendy as other types of roofs such as asphalt, or slate roofing, but for those who want something that will last a lifetime with no maintenance required then tile roofing in Grosse Pointe is an excellent choice.

Pointe Roofing Pros is a top choice for tile roofing repair and replacement in the Grosse Pointe area and we believe why you should choose us as your company over others. We are well aware of how important it is to invest in a quality tile roof that will protect your home from the elements. We have experience with tile roofs and have been doing them for 10 years, making us one of the top experts in this field. 

If you’re looking for professional tile roofing in Grosse Pointe, then you’ll be happy to know that we offer free consultations to help homeowners get a quote on their projects. Our experts will come out and inspect your roof, determine the best course of action, and give you a quote that includes all materials, labor, taxes, etc., so there are no surprises when it comes time for payment.

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Types of Tile Roof Materials:

1. Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles are a type of roofing material that is commonly found on homes and buildings in the Grosse Pointe area. They are made from clay that has been fired into tile shapes and then covered with two coats of red terra-cotta glaze.They are a great choice for many reasons including their durability, low cost, excellent insulation properties, and their ability to let moisture evaporate from the underside of the tile. Clay tiles can also be made with recycled clay which provides a carbon-neutral option for someone who wants to go green.

2. Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete roofing tiles are made up of cement, sand, and aggregate. As a result of these three ingredients, concrete roof tiles are a durable and long-lasting option for your home. The cement provides stability to the tile while the sand gives it rigidity. The aggregate in between the layers helps to shield moisture from penetrating into the concrete layer below. They are a good alternative to asphalt shingles or cedar shake roofs. The thickness and weight of concrete tiles provide great protection against fire, leaks, and hail storms. They also require minimal maintenance such as sealing or resealing. 

3. Slate Roof Tiles

Slate roof tiles are a type of roofing tile that is traditionally made from slabs or pieces of natural rock. Slate roof tiles are traditionally used for roofs on houses but also have been used for other structures such as train stations and churches. Slate roof tiles also have many aesthetic benefits including a varied range of colors derived from different minerals present in the stone which can give your home an earthy feel while providing protection from the elements through their natural properties such as thermal efficiency, water resistance, fire resistance, and noise reduction qualities.

4. Metal Roof Tiles

Metal roofing tiles are a popular choice for those looking to install a new roof. They are made of metal and are often used with other materials in the construction of roofs. The tiles provide weather protection and can last up to 20-30 years. Other benefits of metal roof tiles are they can reduce heat inside the home so you can lower your air conditioning bill, they look great on homes without a steep pitch, and they’re usually quite cost-effective compared to other types of roofing materials. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Tile Roofing question? We have the answer. 

Do roof tiles stop rain?

Roofing tiles stop rain by deflecting water from the roof. Roofing tiles are designed to be water tight, so they will not allow any rain or other water to enter the house. Roof tiles can help prevent a build-up of moisture on your roof and lead to leaks in your home.

How long will a tile roof last?

A tile roof will typically last for 30-35 years and often longer depending on how the roof is maintained over time. Tile roofs are a material that can last, but they depend heavily on maintenance. It’s important to care for your roof in order to extend its life span.

Do roof tiles need cleaning?

The answer to this is yes. Roof tiles need to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure they are free of debris and mildew. The more frequently you clean your roofing tiles, the longer they will last. Using a garden hose with a spray setting will work best for cleaning roof tiles because you can direct the water just where it needs to go. 

Which tiles is best for roof?

There are a number of different types of tiles that can be used for roofs. Zinc-coated steel is a good choice for those who live in a snowy area but don’t want their house to look like it has excess snow on it. Clay tiles are also great because they are fire-resistant and stay cool during hot summer days.

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Getting a roofing quote for tile roofing is the next step for ensuring your roof is repaired with care, integrity and experience. We offer our customers quick, comprehensive quotes with competitive rates. Simply  contact us by filling out the form on our website or call us directly. One of our dedicated team members will be glad to assist with a quote. 

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