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For all of our roofing projects, we only employ the best materials. We have an excellent reputation for quality, and we go above and above to ensure that you are happy with our work! Heat, cold, wind, and a variety of other conditions can all shorten the life of your roof. That is why it is critical to maintain a close check on your roof and solve any faults before they become significant difficulties. If you’ve discovered mould on your roof or shingles that have been falling off recently, you may need to hire a specialist. You might want to consider using a trustworthy business like ours, which will be able to complete the task correctly and help you avoid future issues before they arise!

Pointe Roofing Pros is a reputable roofing company that focuses on high-quality work and excellent customer service. Fraser Roofing is dedicated to providing a place where new, old, and future generations of customers can find roofing solutions. They are always willing to answer questions and will take the time to explain everything to you. If you’re looking for roofing in Fraser, MI, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve been serving the Fraser area for many years and have earned a reputation as one of Michigan’s best roofing businesses. Our professionals will ensure that you have piece of mind knowing that your roof is in good hands.

Roof Repair

When it comes to roof repairs, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, you must have the appropriate materials on hand for fixing shingles, as this is a highly nasty job. You’ll also want to make sure you have enough of robust protection on hand, like as tarps and boards, in case there are any broken glass, nail heads, or other dangerous objects that need to be covered from employees. One thing you might not consider, but should bear in mind, are all of the nails that will surely be left behind. That’s why it’s crucial to cover all of the ground around where your roofer has been working — that way, if someone steps on a nail by accident and trips or falls down into their hands or feet, nothing will be harmed. Give us a call if you need assistance with your roofing repairs!

Roof Replacement

The process of removing an old roof and replacing it with a new one is known as roof replacement. This can be done for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is that an old roof leaks or has been seriously damaged by high winds, hail, or other natural disasters. Because this type of roof replacement is pricey, homeowners should consider their current budget as well as the future value of their home before proceeding. Roof replacement is when a leaking or damaged roof is replaced with a new one. The average cost of a roof replacement is $8000-$10000. The cost is determined by the size and style of your home’s existing roofing material (for example, asphalt shingles vs slate tiles) as well as the amount of work required (i.e., just replacing the shingle layer vs removing entire layers).

Gutter installation & repair in Fraser

Gutters are an integral feature of the exterior of your home that have been present since you first moved in. They’re made to redirect water away from the foundation and can last for years without causing any issues. Unfortunately, most gutters do not survive indefinitely and must be fixed or replaced at some point. There are many various sorts of gutter repair methods, so it’s crucial to figure out which one is ideal for your specific needs and budget before getting started. Seamless aluminium gutters are one style of gutter that has gained popularity in recent years. When it rains or snows, these are constructed by moulding a single piece of material into a “S” shape and then welding it together on either end, creating a seal that prevents water from leaking out from between the two sections. When one develops holes due to age or is struck by debris from trees, all that needs to be done is unweld the ends where it links and then welding them back together without leaving any gaps – this will keep any water within from leaking out instead of outside onto your grass the next time it rains!

A gutter is a metal or plastic device that directs rainfall from the edge of a roof into an underground drainage system or off the ground directly. Gutters have existed for millennia and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on where they are used. Gutter systems, for example, are frequently designed to deflect water away from structures where it can cause harm by evaporating in hot weather. Guttering is usually meant to deflect water away from buildings in colder areas so that it does not freeze against the external walls and cause structural difficulties during the winter months. For any of your gutter requirements, give us a call!

roof Installation

Roof installation is the process of constructing a roof, whether for a building or for other purposes. Roofing Fraser MI is key to keeping your home, building and property in pristine condition. The roof’s main purpose is to keep the rest of the house watertight. A leaky roof can cause damage to ceilings and walls as well as mold growth and structural instability, which can lead to costly repairs or even total replacement of your home’s structure. Roofing Fraser MI installers are experts in ensuring that your home’s insulation stays dry by using quality materials and employing safe installation procedures. Most roofs need repair or replacement after about 20 years due to normal wear and tear; some may last longer if they are properly cared for.

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We have a solid reputation for providing high-quality roofing services. We’ve been in the roofing business since 2004, and we’re one of Michigan’s most dependable and expert roofers. As a family-owned business, we take great pride in our high-quality workmanship. Our staff has extensive experience with commercial and residential roof installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance, as well as chimney flashing installation, repair, and water intrusion prevention. Furthermore, we provide free inspections so you can learn about your options before making any decisions about the exterior of your property. All of our work is covered by a lifetime warranty. We promise to arrive on time and complete high-quality, professional work. For any of your roofing needs in Fraser, MI, we provide free estimates. Contact us at 313-539-8803. We serve customers in Detroit, Eastpointe, St. Clair Shores, Warren, Roseville, and Grosse Pointe.

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Pointe Roofing Pros replaced our roof a few months ago. The crew was skilled, arrived on time, and performed the work professionally to complete the installation timely and efficiently. My wife and I are very excited about the top quality, affordability, and remarkable customer service we received. I would personally highly recommend Pointe Roofing Pros.
Abraham A.
Fraser, MI

About Fraser, MI

Residents of Fraser enjoy a temperate climate with few extremes. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the numerous options to explore the region’s national parks and forests, as well as its rivers and lakes. Fraser residents enjoy access to some of Michigan’s top retail malls, as well as a variety of other outstanding amenities that make it a terrific place to raise a family. Fraser is around 45 minutes from downtown Detroit, which provides a variety of transportation choices for people seeking work or school outside of the area. People can easily stick to a budget without sacrificing their quality of life because the cost of living is very cheap.

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